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9 The development of a fully immersive simulation based training program for core medical trainees
  1. Peter Isherwood,
  2. D Nicholl,
  3. K Johns,
  4. S Ghosh
  1. University Hospitals Birmingham, UK


The Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) and the Royal College of Physicians (London) in 2013 confirmed that heavy service demands had led to a loss of training opportunities and core medical trainees (CMT) often felt that they had not been adequately prepared to take on the role of medical registrar. In the same report they supported the use of simulation based training to help support the development of procedural based training.1

Whilst such procedural based training is now widely established we have developed a program to explore the aspects of professional practice beyond procedural skills that are listed in the General Medical Council CMT curriculum.2 This curriculum specifically mandates time management, decision making, communication with colleagues and team working. These are common elements that fully immersive simulation training is used to deliver.

In a collaborative project between our physicians and the trust simulation team we have developed physician faculty and run three training days over the past year providing this training to all the CMTs working in our trust.

We have collected both quantitative and qualitative feedback from the CMTs who have attended this training which is strongly supportive of the benefits this can offer. We believe this supports the use of fully immersive simulation to develop not just procedural skills but also the more complex socio-profesisonal skills that are essential to safe and effective practice as a medical registrar.



  2. GMC Core Medical Training Curriculum 2007 (Amended 2013).

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