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26 Developing a faculty for simulation based training: one size does not fit all
  1. D Randles1,
  2. S Saksena1,
  3. E Randles2
  1. 1University Hospital of North Durham, UK
  2. 2Newcastle University, UK


Background Delivery of effective simulation training requires a range of specific skills. Identification and training of faculty is critical to the sustainable delivery of high quality training.

Summary of work Our Trust recently set up a simulation based training facility. Training needs analysis was undertaken with a number of aims: 1. Raise awareness and quantify interest. 2. Identify potential faculty and their training needs. 3. Identify wider training needs within the Trust.

A six item questionnaire was delivered via Survey Monkey to approximately 300 senior staff including consultants, senior nurses, educationalists and the patient safety team. Respondents could choose to remain anonymous.

Results 98 responses were received (32%). Of these, 92 asserted an interest in simulation. Staff from eight speciality areas responded, with a wide variation in response rates between specialities. Only seven respondents reported no prior experience in any type of simulation.

Regarding future involvement, 64 indicated a desire to teach on courses and 35 to deliver their own courses with support. Qualitative data provided valuable insight and diverse ideas for the direction and construction of training.

57 respondents were willing to be contacted for further discussion of ideas.

Discussion Experience of simulation based training, engagement levels and perceived needs differed markedly between specialties. Further work through identified focus groups clarified specialty specific needs, augmented effective faculty construction and targeted areas where awareness and skills would otherwise be lacking.

Conclusions A well directed survey and subsequent focus groups allowed rapid identification of and engagement with potential faculty in the inception of a new simulation centre.

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