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51 Implementation and effectiveness of simulated radiotherapy planning education to the radiotherapy workforce by remote access
  1. Robin Jhagra
  1. University of the West of England, UK


Radiotherapy Planning (Dosimetry) is a highly specialised area of Radiotherapy and Oncology practice which is essential in ensuring accurate radiation treatment to cancer patients. Due to rigid clinical department working structures, Radiation Therapists (RTT) are often unable to spend desired time in dosimetry in order to keep their skills up to date in this domain of practice therefore, this can impact on staff confidence negatively and clinical competency can become somewhat limited.

With the emergence of technology enhanced simulated learning, educational content has been developed to suit continuous professional development (CPD) Study Day that can be delivered innovatively at the hospital site by way of remote access (off university campus). Eclipse Treatment Planning System (TPS) access to university I.T servers has enabled a distant hospital site to benefit from this novel pedagogical approach to learning.

This study explores implementation of the system for remote access capability and evaluates suitability of learning content for a Study Day learning programme. Once the content was developed, RTT learning experience was evaluated by inviting participants to complete a questionnaire on the day before and after the programme was delivered.

A common theme emerged during analysis of participant results which supported learning through the use of the remotely accessible Eclipse system. It also demonstrated validity of content that has been developed for RTT CPD training. This study may therefore be used as a springboard to implement similar emerging technologies for the purpose of hospital based simulation education as well as embedding such technologies in more robust higher educational CPD courses.

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