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80 The use of simulation as part of the recruitment process for interviewing nursing staff within critical care
  1. Joanne Jukes
  1. NHS Trust, UK


Recruitment of the right candidate for the right position has high value, both from a patient experience and quality of care and also a financial aspect.

The Francis report (2103) highlighted the vital role of the workforce in providing high quality, safe and compassionate healthcare, particularly the values and behaviours of staff caring for patients.

Workforce planning with increasing awareness of values based recruitment documented by Health Education England has led to the development of a selection centre recruitment process. This has been introduced in my place of work to aid in the recruitment of qualified Nursing staff to a large Critical Care unit. The selection centre day consists of a drugs/Math test, Group work (marked using a values and behaviours marking sheet), A ten minute Simulation followed by an individual debrief and a mini interview.

For the Simulation aspect of the interview the credentials for observation and recruitment include clinical skills, knowledge of policies and procedures, Communication and also Human Factors. The requirements are specific to the Band of Nursing staff that are to be interviewed, the trusts values and behaviours are however incorporated into all Interviews.

Using the multi selection process also enables the candidates to promote themselves in the different aspects of the recruitment process. This can enable a 360 degree assessment of the candidate leading to the recruitment of the right candidate for the right job. Simulation is a key factor of this process.

The wider strategy for 2016/17 is to evaluate the process, this will include looking at historic data relating to recruitment and retention, and also the numbers of staff if any placed onto capability pathways. This will then be compared to the same data following the implementation of the new recruitment process over a set period of time.

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