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  1. Vanda Abi Raad
  1. Lebanese American University-School of Medicine, Director of the LAU Clinical Simulation Center, Lebanon


Background Simulation based Education has become an integral part of medical education from undergraduate to postgraduate levels.

Summary of work The integration of simulation into a medical curriculum requires informed implementation in ways that take advantage of simulation's unique ability to facilitate guided application of new knowledge. Simulation offers an experiential learning environment that is ideally suited to the goal-directed learning needed in undergraduate and postgraduate education. Various types of curricula might be developed such as cognitive, communication and procedural skills. Also, a broad range of simulation methodologies can be employed to service the specific educational programs. Part-task trainers, mannequin-based simulation, virtual reality, in-situ techniques, hybrid configurations, screen-based simulations and encounters with ‘standardized’ patients, nurses or physician colleagues all can play a role in the anaesthesia curriculum. Determining which components of a curriculum are enhanced using simulation-based education, and incorporating the exercises into the existing model, result in more goal directed and sustained use of the tool.

Summary of results Examples of the integration of simulation based education in the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum at the Lebanese American University-School of Medicine will be discussed.

Conclusions To optimize both the learning and assessment experience of simulation, educators should remember the principles of effective simulation, the advantages/disadvantages of simulation as well as the goals-tools match.

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