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0072 The Virtual Sim Centre: Extending And Augmenting In-house Simulation Centres
  1. Wm LeRoy Heinrichs1,
  2. Parvati Dev2,
  3. Dick Davies3
  1. 1Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, USA
  2. 2Innovation in Learning, Stanford, USA
  3. 3Ambient Performance, London, UK


Clinical simulation centres are low capacity, high cost, high staffing, high maintenance operations. Whilst they may have impressive outcomes the economics of simulation centres dictate that they cannot scale (i.e. take a greater number of students) without physically deploying more manikins and professional staff. Constrained budgets in healthcare generally and in healthcare training imply that this is unlikely to occur. There are now available immersive clinical environment technologies that can extend and augment simulation centres.

Description of innovation The clinical Virtual Sim Centre, based on the CliniSpace immersive virtual environment, delivers a cloud-based, on-demand, virtual simulation centre to faculties with students already comfortable with these immersive ways of interacting and learning. The Virtual Sim Centre can deliver pre and post physical simulation centre experiences at low cost that will both prepare students for their simulation centre experience and offer follow-up immersive individual or co-operative experiences. A simple to use off-line, stand-alone, virtual patient authoring toolset is provided together with real-time virtual patient management tools to build and deploy believable clinical experiences with virtual patients.

Improvements/outcomes The clinical Virtual Sim Centre provides a way of delivering expansion in this sector without further substantial investment in manikins and professional staff. It provides a platform that simulation centres can use to augment and extend their physical facilities providing:

  • Realistic clinical settings

  • Gender specific and multi-ethnic avatars

  • Sophisticated real time virtual patients

  • Interactive medical objects

  • Active management, both stand-alone and real-time, of virtual patients

  • Simultaneous deployment of multiple different or cloned Virtual Sim Centers

  • Multiple delivery form factors, PCs, laptops, pads, phones..

Take home messages

  • Physical simulation centres are and will remain resource constrained

  • The Virtual Sim Centre is an on-demand, cost effective and clinically realistic solution that extends and augments current physical simulation centres


  1. Creating complementary environments: Moving from the virtual world to the mannequin-based simulation laboratory’ Eric B. Bauman, Parvati Dev, William LeRoy Heinrichs. Poster presented at INACSL, San Antonio, June 21, 2012

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  3. Feifer A, Al-Ammari A, Kovac E, et al. ‘Randomized controlled trial of virtual reality and hybrid simulation for robotic surgical training’ BJU International. 2011;108(10)

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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