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0180 The Introduction Of A Core Surgical Simulation Training Programme In The Wessex Deanery J Higgins, K Nugent Wessex Deanery
  1. Joanna Higgins,
  2. Karen Nugent
  1. Wessex Deanery, Wessex, UK


Introduction Simulation training in surgical specialties is becoming increasingly important in the post-Francis era, where patient safety is of utmost concern. Craft specialties particularly suffer as the EWTD reduces the time trainees have to prepare for consultant level. The GMC survey highlighted the need for simulation to become an integral part of training programmes.

Aim To research, create and implement a training programme using simulation for core surgical trainees in Wessex, by the surgical simulation fellow.

Methods A thorough assessment of the facilities and current simulation in Wessex was performed. An educationally sound training programme mapped to the core surgical curriculum was researched and developed through various methods, with a number of sessions delivered and assessed for training benefit. Bids for the funding required to purchase kit were also placed and awarded.

Results Simulation facilities and training varies throughout the region. The delivered sessions have demonstrated statistical significance in improvement in knowledge and confidence of the core trainees. The programme is mapped and valid in its educational value.

Conclusions Simulation is now a necessity in surgical education, one that can and should be delivered well. With the correct input and development, a strong base in the theory of education and an engaged faculty, it is likely to improve the training and skills of the core trainees in Wessex. This hopes to result in improved patient satisfaction and safety, although this will take further research to demonstrate.


  1. Francis report

  2. GMC 2010/2011 Specialty Report - JCST

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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