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0164 Blending Virtual Patients And Simulation: Increasing The Engagement Of Nursing And Medical Undergraduates
  1. Catriona Glen,
  2. Michael Moneypenny
  1. Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors, Larbert, Scotland, UK


Background/context At the Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors (SCSCHF) we run a number of inter-professional courses for nursing and medical undergraduates. Currently the participants have no indication or information about the type of patient they are going to be presented with in the scenarios before they arrive on the day. There may be a benefit in preparing these participants using virtual patients.1

Methodology (used or planned) Undergraduates will be invited (via email) to make a number of decisions regarding the initial investigations and management of a virtual patient in the weeks preceding their simulation session. These decisions will then influence the patient that they are presented with on the day. The decisions will also be statistically quantified and analysed for trends.

Results/outcomes (anticipated or recorded to date) We will analyse the decisions made by the medical students and use them to inform both the running of the simulation and the subsequent debrief. We will present the decisions made, showing which ones are made most frequently and any errors associated with these.

Potential impact It is hoped that the pre-simulation decision-making process will increase engagement with the simulation experience. We also expect the pre-simulation decision-making to enrich the debrief and allow us to discuss the impact of decisions on patient care.


  1. Huwendiek S, Duncker C, Reicher F, et al . Learner preferences regarding integrating, sequencing and aligning virtual patients with other activities in the undergraduate medical curriculum: A focus group study. Medical teacher 2013;35:920–929.

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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