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0018 Debriefing Emergency Nurses After High-fidelity Simulation Team Training In Resuscitation
  1. Michael Chia
  1. Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, Singapore


Purpose of study To evaluate the preferred sequence of debriefing emergency nurses after high-fidelity simulation team training in resuscitation.

Materials and methods Emergency medicine physicians and nurses had traditionally trained separately for resuscitation in our emergency department. The use of high fidelity mannequin changed the training curricula. Since 2012, both groups of professionals are training as a team. Team training have its pros and cons. One of the issues surfaced was the preferred sequence to debriefing the nurses as nurses possess different skill set from physicians. We tried four different sequences to debriefing: (1) debrief team together, (2) short team debrief followed by separate debrief for physicians and nurses, (3) separate debrief for physicians and nurses, (4) debrief team together and nurses had an additional debriefing session with nursing educators at the end of training session.

A survey was conducted. Five nursing educators and thirty nurses who had undergone team resuscitation training participated.

Results Among the nursing educators, three chose Sequence (2) as the preferred sequence of debriefing. This is followed by Sequence (4).

For the nurses, 97% preferred Sequence (2), the remaining 3% chose Sequence (3).

The 4 sequences each has their own merit. In our culture, Sequence (1) did not work out because the debrief tend to be centred on the physicians, nurses took backstage. The majority of nurses preferred Sequence (2) because the initial debrief concentrate on team dynamics, e.g. team work and communications, and the second part of debrief discuss deeper details of individual skill competencies by the nursing educators.

Conclusions We found that the preferred method of debriefing was that of a short combined debrief together to iron out the major issues, followed by a separate debriefing by the nursing educators to highlight details pertinent to the nursing skill set for the emergency nurses.

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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