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0023 Evaluation Of A Simulated Practical Assessment For Pre-registration Dietetic Students
  1. Linsey King
  1. Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK


Background/context Simulated Practice (SP) has occurred more predominately within the nursing profession,1,2 where the response to the NMC simulated practice project has allowed incorporation of SP hours as part of the nurse programme. Evidence looking at the use and impact of SP in other areas such as dietetics is limited. This is an evaluation of a SP assessment with dietetic students and perceived impact on clinical placement experience where there is a current evidence.3,4

Methodology Students were randomly allocated a simulated patient were service users were employed as a patient with a specific clinical condition. Standard module evaluations were collected for module review and comments specifically related to the assessment were extracted. A 6 question survey was e-mailed to the students during their placement year approximately 1 year later to gain further feedback and evaluation in relation the their clinical placement setting.

Results 17 students completed module evaluations and 9 responded to the survey. Students felt the SP assessment was theoretically good but felt ill prepared for the experience, wanting more support and guidance around the SP. Responses 1 year later showed 55.6% of students felt prepared for the assessment, and found it ‘similar to practice’. The realistic nature of the assessment and the practical hands on approach was positive. 89% found it stressful but have used the skills in their clinical placement and 100% of the respondents would like more SP experiences.

Conclusions/recommendations Although initially students felt pressured and ill-prepared for the SP, one year on it was highly valued, the skills were used in practice and all wanted more SP throughout the course. Feedback and evaluation comments will inform further development of the SP assessment for the Applied Nutrition Support module at Leeds Metropolitan University.


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  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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