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0117 Preparing For Picu: Setting Up A Simulation Based Induction Course For A Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
  1. Laura Blakemore,
  2. Jo Lumsden
  1. Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK


Background In Leeds General Infirmary, the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) doctors induction traditionally consisted of a series of lectures and small group work. In order to make introduction more interactive and enhance learning, we decided to set up a one day simulation based induction course.

Methodology Learning needs were identified from informal survey of current trainees and PICU consultants. A list of learning objectives was established, and four simulation scenarios were designed to encompass these objectives. Scenarios involved deteriorating patients that had either been transferred to PICU for stabilisation, or that were already on the unit but had become unstable. Simulations ran for 30 min and were followed by 1 h debrief and tutorial. Tutorials were designed to cover the learning objectives of the simulation scenario and to address any concerns and questions raised during the simulation.

Outcomes (Work in progress - first course date August 7th) We will be looking at confidence levels of trainees starting PICU in August pre and post induction course, to see how prepared they feel they are for PICU.


  1. Cooke JM, et al. Simulation enhances resident confidence in critical care and procedural skills. Family Medicine 2008;40(3):165–7

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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