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0124 Simulated Training Course In Genito-urinary Medicine: A Project In Progress
  1. Rasha Omer,
  2. Eirini Kaskfiki,
  3. Victoria Thorley-Dickinson,
  4. Makani Purva
  1. Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust, Hull, UK


Background Simulation is used in summative assessment for major Genito-Urinary Medicine Examinations such as Dip GUM1 and Dip HIV2. However, the use of simulation to enhance induction training of junior doctors is not widely practiced.

A recent trainees’ survey in GUM showed around 85% of trainees would find simulation helpful if it is included in their induction program.

We are therefore proposing to run a simulation based induction course for the new trainees in GUM.

Methodology The course will consist of 2 sessions

Session one: Skills workshop

Stations will include:

  • Female Pelvis: practice speculum insertion, cervical cytology sampling, obtaining microbiology samples and bimanual examination

  • Male Pelvis: practice examination and sampling techniques.

  • Pelvis for rectal examination: practice examination of the prostate, proctoscopy and sampling techniques

  • Skin infections and Anatomy of Male and female genital tract: illustrations of normal anatomy and common dermatological conditions. Practice the use of liquid nitrogen and curettage

Session two: Scenario-based simulation

5 to 6 clinical scenarios, based in a simulated GUM outpatient clinic based on commonly presenting cases. The aim is to enhance the relevant communication skills needed in a GUM setting.

Expected outcome

  • Improvement in examination skills and efficiency

  • Increase in awareness and knowledge of commonly presenting conditions in GUM

  • Increase in confidence during clinical consultations

Potential impact Adequate preparation will increase trainees’ efficiency and level of confidence in tackling difficult cases

Better understanding of the nature of work in GUM and team dynamics will improve working relationships which will ultimately result in better patient care


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  2. The Society of Apothecaries of London: Guide to the Diploma in HIV Medicine Version 2014/17 (last accessed June 2014)

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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