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0125 “a Day In The Life Of A Doctor”: Simulation Based Taster Day For College Students Intending To Apply To Medical School
  1. Victoria Thorley-Dickinson,
  2. Eirini Kasfiki,
  3. Tracey Stephenson,
  4. Makani Purva
  1. Hull Insitute of Learning and Simulation, Hull, UK


Background It is highly desirable for applicants to medical school to have work experience in a hospital environment to provide them with some realistic understanding of the profession and it’s demands.1 There are multiple barriers to achieving this including limited places, uncertainty with hospital policy and variability between centres.2 We believe that this can be addressed with high fidelity simulation by providing realistic and immersive environment to demonstrate multiple aspects of a doctor’s role. We will be providing potential applicants with an insight into the realities of medical careers while allowing them time to reflect with an experienced faculty.

Methodolgy The day will consist of high fidelity simulated scenarios covering operating theatre environment from a surgical and anaesthetic aspect, GP consultation, paediatric admissions, difficult communication, medical MDT ward round and advanced life support. The students will have the chance to observe and interact with these scenarios, followed by discussion with the faculty.

Results We will assess the effectiveness of our course using self reported confidence in the understanding of doctors roles before and after the taster day. We will hold a short focus group before and after to explore candidate’s beliefs of the role of a doctor and why they wish to pursue a career as a doctor. This will allow us to establish if the taster day has altered their attitudes towards applying to medical school, and if they perceive the day to be of benefit to them.

Potential impact We believe that this taster day in medicine will allow students to gain experience of the day to day job of a doctor, and benefit from discussion with faculty from multiple specialities in one day. This will allow them to reflect on the realities of their aspired career, and strengthen their application to medical school.


  1. Becoming a doctor: Entry in 2014. British Medical Association Science and Education Department 2013

  2. Work experience in the NHS A toolkit for teachers and work placement organisers. NHS Careers 2011

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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