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0160 The Introduction Of Student Simulation Champions
  1. Olivia Gratton
  1. University of Derby, Derby/Chesterfield, UK


Background The development of student led involvement in simulation has many positive aspects, most importantly the students acknowledgement of transferable skills in to the clinical area (Valler-Jones 2014). It therefore is relevant to capitalise on this by introducing the concept of Student Simulation Champions within simulation experiences.


  • Recruitment and training

  • Involvement in curriculum planning in order for champions to see the validity and share this with students

  • Involvement in simulation


  • Currency – students acknowledge the need for simulation due to the involvement of champions

  • Peer support – students discussed outcomes with Student Simulation Champions prompting further discussion and exploration and debrief involvement

  • Recruitment – of new Student Simulation Champions due to purposive nature of the process

  • Reinforcement – of learning outcomes and transferability in the debrief process

Potential impact As discussed above –second run of this will enable statistical analysis and qualitative data.


  1. Valler-Jones. Student led Simulation. British Journal of Nursing 2014;23(6)

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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