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0033 Simulated Frappacino: Why You Should Run Your Sim Program Like A Franchise Business
  1. Lance Baily1,2
  1., Las Vegas NV, USA
  2. 2Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA


If you have been inside one Starbucks then you have been to them all. The reason franchise businesses work is because customers receive the same sales experience from start to finish, no matter if they are in London, England or Los Angeles, USA. Franchises are a specific set of guidelines which small business owners purchase in-order to maximise profit for minimal investment. Staff turnover, training, daily operations and record keeping are standardised procedures with exact detail. What can we learn from this business model which will carry over the same benefits of increased performance outcomes for our simulation programs?

In this session a former simulation program director and current entrepreneur will share why you should run your simulation program like a business - and exactly how to do it. Systemization, standardisation, "sales funnels", administrative restructuring, and marketing for external business development will all be covered through battle-tested policy and procedure examples.

Those starting a new program, restructuring an established program, or expanding to include new internal or external educational programs should take this course.

Session will provide program administrators with ways to:

  • Maximise ROI

  • Reduce scheduled downtime

  • Track and increase performance outcomes

  • Increase staff morale

  • Increase staff without increased budgets

  • Demonstrate business development opportunities



  2. Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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