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0010 Simulation On The Road On A Budget
  1. Timm Parr
  1. NHS Education North West, Merseyside, UK


Aims and specific learning outcomes for the works At the end of the workshop the observer will be able to control any mannequin wirelessly, including those tethered such a SimMan Classic, using any android, iOS or windows device. This will enable simulation to be carried out independent of any Trust or institution network, and remotely control, playback and view video footage.

Background/rationale The workshop will demonstrate that the learning outcomes can be achieved with a low budget solution, utilising cheap network equipment, including discarded routers and IP cameras, to create a local area network. As a regional simulation centre working on a tight budget, we have had to be creative to produce a mobile solution that is financially and logistically viable. This workshop will appeal to those who are unable to purchase a bespoke product which can be financially prohibitive


  1. These are previously untried and untested solutions and do not appear in the literature.

  • Category: Course or curriculum evaluation/innovation/integration

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