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0033 In-situ simulation for trauma team training: The royal london experience
  1. Judi Galea,
  2. Rosel Tallach,
  3. Sarah Turle,
  4. Anil Joshi
  1. The Royal London Hospital, London, UK


Background The Royal London hospital is a busy major trauma centre, committed to delivering a high level of trauma care to our patients. The education academy has been developing an in situ simulation programme to support the trauma team to improve systems, and embed new protocols.

Through this training, the trauma team identified a need for neurosurgical attendance at trauma calls in patients with suspected head injury, to improve time to definitive management. This has led to the development of a new protocol,1 which we are now using simulation to embed.

Methodology We organise an hour long, in-situ simulated trauma call per month in the Emergency Department, attended by the multidisciplinary trauma team of the day. During the debrief, any issues that have been raised are fed back to the monthly trauma team consultant meeting. Protocols are amended accordingly and the education academy work closely to assist in embedding these new protocols through simulation.

Outcomes We will assist the trauma service to measure the impact of the new neurosurgical trauma protocol by measuring time to CT and time to critical intervention following the introduction of the new protocol.

Potential impact It was through simulation, that the need for a change in practice was identified. This may have a significant impact on time to critical intervention and ultimately neurosurgical outcomes for our patients.

We hope that we can continue to work with the trauma team to continue to identify areas that require improvement and to support the team in embedding new practices to improve outcomes for our patients.


  1. Heron M, Weaver A, Durge N. Neurosurgical Trauma Call at the Royal London Hospital to be published in June 2015 at at http://bartshealthintranet/Policies-and-Guidelines/Trust-wide-policies.aspx

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