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0112 Hils google glass
  1. Christopher Gay,
  2. Matthew Graby,
  3. Olivia Charlton,
  4. Stuart Riby
  1. Hull Institute of Learning and Simulation, Hull, Yorkshire, UK


Background/context The HILS Technical Team obtained Google Glass as the ‘explorer’ phase of the product ended. Whilst its use domestically has proved controversial

1it has found a firm footing in healthcare with applications ranging from providing live patient data to sharing the headsets point of view to a larger training audience2

Description of innovation or topic HILS have a variety of ideas to put Google Glass to use in improving training.

  • Using the headset to provide a range of new point of views in simulated scenarios, such as

- The patient’s perspective

- The delegates perspective

  • Recording ‘hands on’ ‘how to’ videos of technical procedures and making them available for training

  • Streaming live procedures (real or otherwise) to a geographically distanced audience

All of these methods have their challenges and will be documented to share the experiences.

Improvements/outcomes (anticipated or recorded)

  • We believe that bringing in a closer perspective will deepen empathy in scenarios involving behavioural and human factors.

  • We believe that any technical videos will be enhanced and better understood with the more personal perspective.

  • We believe that using the live streaming function will widen participation in training

Take home messages

  • Domestic technology can find unexpected uses in healthcare

  • A different perspective can enhance training

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