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0141 Tips on setting up a new course: An administration perspective
  1. Donna Oldfield,
  2. Janine Peck,
  3. Marina Flynn,
  4. Makani Purva
  1. Hull Institute for Learning and Simulation, Hull, East Yorkshire, UK


Introduction As a busy training facility we are often approached for advice in setting up courses, we would like to share our experiences of some do’s and don’ts that may help others when creating a new course.

Method Before creating a course there should be a need for it in the first place, here at HILS before implementing a course research is conducted in the form of Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

Once the courses are identified it is crucial that interested faculty are recruited and the course organiser must engage with them on a regular basis.

HILS have learned a valuable lesson that if the course timing is not correct attendances will be low. Therefore it is essential to identify times to avoid.

Finally the attendees numbers rely heavily on the advertising of the course itself, if it is not advertised how will the message spread?

Results Results of TNA’s once received are analysed to establish the courses required. In light of the results, qualified faculty are recruited in-house that are able to teach the required skills. Regular meetings are held with all involved to devise the structure of the course, decide on lecture content, workshops and develop a programme. There is a course run through to address any issues before the course goes live.

School holiday dates are always avoided for the running of courses as it has been proven that statistically within HILS attendances are very low during these periods and activity is lower overall.

Advertising should be conducted well ahead of the course date to allow individuals to apply for study leave if required. Advertising is done through @HullSimulation(Twitter),1 website –, posters, mailing lists and word of mouth.

Discussion/conclusion A course as with any project can be implemented successfully with sufficient planning, scheduling and marketing.


  1. Twitter: @hullsimulation

  2. Website:

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