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0143 Train the trainers in simulation course; improving confidence in running simulation?
  1. Donna Oldfield,
  2. Daniel Websdale,
  3. Lana Vestarkis,
  4. Makani Purva
  1. Hull Institute for Learning and Simulation, Hull, East Yorkshire, UK


Introduction As simulation based education continues to form an integral part of medical education, a four year review has been undertaken on the Train the Trainers in Simulation course founded by the Hull Institute for Learning and Simulation (HILS). The study is specifically aimed at investigating whether the course improves learners’ confidence in running a simulation course. Since its creation in 2011, 225 individuals have been trained over 17 courses.

Methods The structure is one day programme made up of lectures and small group workshops covering scenario development and delivery, debriefing methods and moulage techniques. Pre/post course questionnaires are completed by learners which have Likert scales of 1 to 7, 1 being not confident and 7 being confident. For the past 2 years the key questions we have focused our attentions on for improvements in confidence levels are:

Q1. How confident are you at facilitating debriefs of immersive simulation?

Q2. How confident do you feel about designing your own scenario in a simulated environment?

Q3. How confident do you feel about delivering a simulation course?

Results Graph of pre/post results.

129 delegates have undertaken the course since implementation of the above questions between February 2013 and March 2015. Evaluation of improvements in confidence can be tested by seeing if people who have rated pre course 1 to 3 have moved up the scale post course, results below:

Tables and graphs will be presented showing significant improvements in confidence levels.

Discussion/conclusion Post course shows confidence levels have risen for at least 45% of delegates who rated not confident pre course. This concludes that the Train the Trainer course is an effective tool for providing individuals with skills and confidence required to create and deliver their own simulation course.

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