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0185 From novel simulation to integrated simulation technology – a successful collaboration with the hull emergency department
  1. Stuart Riby,
  2. Christopher Gay,
  3. Christopher Smith,
  4. William Townend
  1. Hull Institute of Learning and Simulation, Hull, UK


Background/context In 2013 as part of the development of a new Emergency Department in Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, ED staff, the planning team and the HILS Tech Team collaborated for a logistical in-situ simulation in a mock-up of the proposed new resus bays to see if room dimensions, equipment layout and space were accurate before the build commenced.

Description of innovation/topic The HILS tech team have collaborated closely with the ED team with the development of the new ED in Hull through a series of in-situ simulations before, during and after the opening of the new emergency department.

These in-situ simulations helped robustly test logistics in various areas, equipment location, stocking and multi-disciplinary teamwork.

Managing to secure dedicated space in the new ED build for simulation training meant the tech team had a huge input with the planning team for the location of technical equipment and ports to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Having the opportunity to lead on the procurement of simulation equipment and input into the design of technical aspects of the rooms is a positive for the tech team.


  • ED now has dual purpose areas for simulation training and clinical practice both in the adult and paediatrics areas.

  • ED has dedicated equipment such as HD video recording and viewing room with large screen for live scenario viewing and playback for debriefs.

  • A regular in-situ program within ED which help promote a learning culture within the hospital.

  • The tech team having experience on working on and at times leading on aspects of a multi million pound project.

Take home messages The impact of simulation and its technology can spread beyond clinical education. Using it in relation to new builds can be invaluable.

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