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0155 Using orsim™ bronchoscope simulator as a fibreoptic intubation training tool for anaesthetic trainees
  1. Zain Malik,
  2. Maria Chereshneva,
  3. Vaughan Holm,
  4. Gita Menon
  1. Croydon University Hospital, London, UK


Background Fibreoptic intubation is an important skill for the anaesthetist to have in their armoury. It can be used in both anticipated and unanticipated difficult intubations. The skill is often difficult to acquire due to limited training opportunities. Confidence and competence in fibreoptic intubations is not universal even amongst experienced anaesthetists. The Operating Room Simulation (ORSIM™) for bronchoscopy is a recent training resource that makes fibreoptic intubation training more accessible.1

Methodology We questioned anaesthetic trainees on their experiences of fibreoptic intubations and their confidence and competence in handling the equipment. Unsurprisingly the results showed that the junior trainees had limited experience and were subsequently not confident or competent in handling the fibreoptic scope. A short training programme was devised for junior anaesthetic trainees in the region to improve their confidence and competence with the fibreoptic scope. This was incorporated into a regional airway day hosted by our hospital. The training involved a session learning how to setup and use the Pentax fibreoptic scope, followed by a practical session with the ORSIM™.

Results The participants were all core trainees in anaesthesia with limited experience in using fibreoptic scopes. When questioned after the session, they all reported that the training session had improved their confidence in setting up and handling the fibreoptic scope.

Conclusions Using the ORSIM™ to train junior anaesthetic trainees can improve their confidence and competence with fibreoptic scopes. We hope early exposure and repeated opportunities for training using fibreoptic simulation will be a useful platform to develop their skills in clinical practice.


  1. ORSIM:

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