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0195 Mentorship in digital healthcare and implementation: A educational package to be piloted within hull and east yorkshire nhs trust
  1. Alan Gopal1,2,
  2. Pranav Osuri1,
  3. Mark Simpson2
  1. 1The Hull York Medical School, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK
  2. 2Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK


Background and context Digital healthcare is a contentious issue across the NHS, with great variations across Acute Trusts and other UK healthcare providers1 despite the drive towards a paperless NHS by 2018.2 The adoption of Electronic Patient Records (EPR) is seen as a key step to the realisation of a truly integrated health service,3 theoretically improving patient safety and care quality.4 The implementation of a new EPR system across Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust presents an excellent opportunity to observe and contribute to digital change at a regional level. Currently there are no defined educational programmes/opportunities for clinicians at a younger stage of their careers to be involved in digital healthcare, hindering the discovery and development of future drivers of digital healthcare in the UK.

Methodology We intend to capitalise on the opportunity provided by designing and piloting a 2 year mentorship in digital healthcare and implementation from July 2015, and disseminating it as an educational package for adoption by other healthcare providers. To our knowledge this venture is the first of its kind in the UK. The aim is to foster insight and engagement in digital health at a local level, encouraging action-based education5 with senior supervision to benefit the Trust, supervisor and junior doctor/medical student.6

Anticipated outcomes The mentorship will empower and develop mentees7 in digital change, enabling acquisition of an understanding of core principles underpinning digital healthcare and implementation through observation and engagement with the Technology and Innovation Centre within the Trust, including the successful completion of a digital healthcare project.

Potential impact Junior-driven initiatives have the potential to advocate, raise awareness and supplement change in a positive way.8 Early acquisition of knowledge and skills in digital healthcare will increase potential benefits to the region and profession during the course of their careers.


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