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O5 The use of respiratory on-call simulation to prepare pre-registration msc physiotherapy students for clinical practice
  1. R Stiger,
  2. J Pierce,
  3. M Williams
  1. Oxford Brookes University, UK


Background Graduate Physiotherapists are expected to possess the skills and confidence to deliver cardiorespiratory on-call services, despite a shortfall of pre-qualifying clinical placements nationally. Respiratory on-call simulation provides clinical scenarios that resemble practice as closely as possible. This allows the student to apply and integrate the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to develop their clinical reasoning. Simulation can therefore potentially provide a safe and supportive learning environment in which students can develop the necessary skills and confidence to undertake on-call work.

Aims To evaluate the effect of respiratory simulation on perceived level of confidence and competence for on-call work in pre-registration MSc Physiotherapy students.

Method 13 pre-registration MSc Physiotherapy students participated in a respiratory on-call simulation day. This comprised of 7 clinical scenarios followed by an interactive debrief period. They completed online pre- and post-session questionnaires to evaluate previous respiratory placement experience and their perceived level of confidence and competence to carry out on-call work. The students were also asked to rate how beneficial they felt the session was in preparing them for on-call work (0 being poor, to 10 being excellent).

Results 77% of the students reported not having had any respiratory placement experience prior to attending the simulation day. Pre-session, 23% ‘agreed’ to feeling confident and competent to work on-call. Post-session, 77% ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ to feeling confident and 84% ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ to feeling competent. 92% of the students rated the session as 8/10 or above in terms of benefit for on-call work preparation.

Conclusions Findings suggest that respiratory on-call simulation is a useful tool to prepare pre-registration MSc Physiotherapy students for clinical practice. Further research in this area is warranted.

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