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82 Simulation based multidisciplinary crew resource management training program for newly qualified nursing staff
  1. Peter Isherwood,
  2. K Johns
  1. University Hospitals Birmingham, UK


Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training is now widely accepted as a strategy to improve patient safety in healthcare. This is now recognised by the Royal College of Nursing1 and in published nursing literature2. Fully immersive simulation training, especially in a multidisciplinary setting, is an excellent setting in which to develop CRM skills.

Despite the acknowledge of the above formal CRM training in a simulation context is not routinely integrated into many post-graduate nursing placements. In order to address this issue, improve patient safety and begin a process of long term cultural change we have developed this program for all newly qualified nursing staff at University Hospitals Birmingham.

We have introduced our newly qualified nursing staff into a previously uniprofessional undergraduate medical student acutely ill patient simulation program. This has enabled the creation of a multidisciplinary program focusing on CRM in the care of the acutely ill patient. We have developed learning objectives based on both the NMC standards for competence for registered nurses3 and the University of Birmingham MBChB year 5 curriculum.

Each newly qualified nurse attends an entire days simulation based training and is both directly involved as part of the treating team and in supporting the reflective learning of their colleagues. During the day the basics of crew resource management are highlighted and explored further in the debriefs of the simulation scenarios.

Over the past year we have supported 78 newly qualified nurses through the program and have both quantitative and qualitative feedback strongly supporting a benefit from the experience.



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  3. Nursing and Midwifery Council. Standards for Competence for Registered Nurses. MNC 2015.

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