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95 Reaching a wider audience: large scale multidisciplinary in situ simulation
  1. S Uren,
  2. Y Ziabari,
  3. A Drescher,
  4. R Juneja,
  5. O Mingo
  1. Royal Marsden Hospital, UK


Background Multidisciplinary in situ simulation can be used for training in the management of uncommon, emergency scenarios.

Method We have run four high fidelity, in situ, theatre crisis resource management simulations. These were broadcast to our 120 seat lecture theatre during the joint Surgical/Anaesthetic clinical governance days. The first three were broadcast live and the fourth was pre recorded during the morning session, edited and then presented in the afternoon session.

Scenarios included: Massive Haemorrhage during intra-abdominal surgery; Local Anaesthetic toxicity; Emergency de-dock of the da Vinci robot and Cardiac arrest in Interventional Radiology. Each scenario was run with a full multidisciplinary team including Surgeons, Anaesthetists, ODPs, Scrub staff, Radiologists and Radiographers.

Debriefing format has evolved, following feedback on usefulness to audience and participants. The first three took place live in the lecture theatre. The fourth involved an immediate post scenario debrief of participants. The edited learning points were then presented to the audience after the screening of the scenario. An opportunity for audience discussion and feedback was then given.

All participants were fully consented.

Results Participants (n = 17) completed a feedback questionnaire. 10 questions rated on a five-point analogue scale with 1= Not at all/no impact and 5= a lot/high impact.

100% gave a score of 4 or 5 to the fidelity of the “model”, “scenario”, and “procedure performed”, as well as positive impact on “clinical practice” and “communication skills”.

100% gave a score of 4 or 5 to feeling “confident in attending similar situation”.

93% of audience feedback respondents either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that “this type of training was useful”.

Conclusion Screening of multidisciplinary in situ simulation at Clinical Governance days is a useful model to deliver crisis resource management and human factors training to a wider audience.

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