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SC9 One brain sydney: an international collaboration
  1. KAJ Kamalanathan1,
  2. T Elalingam2,
  3. C Munday2,
  4. A Goswami3
  1. 1UK
  2. 2Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia
  3. 3Bristol Medical Simulation Centre, UK


Introduction The successful “One Brain” neuro-anaesthesia simulation course has been running in 4 centres across the United Kingdom. The aim of this project was to see if we could successfully translate the course that is run in the UK to run it in Sydney, Australia.

Methods After receiving contact from a neuro-anaesthetist and simulation coordinator in Sydney, the “One Brain” team was involved with set up from the start. Using skype calls the group discussed all the lectures and scenarios that are run in the UK and how they needed to be manipulated for the Australian doctors. One of the UK team travelled to Sydney to help run the course. The UK faculty ran an initial “Train the Trainer” day in conjunction with the Sydney simulation team to introduce the methods of debriefing with good judgement. On the day of the course each candidate was involved in 5 simulation scenarios with full debrief after each one.

Results The course was run for 16 candidates and there was overwhelming positive feedback. All of the candidates who provided feedback stated that they would agree or strongly agree to recommend the course to others. The simulations themselves scored 34/35 using a rating scale of usefulness.

Conclusion Our aims were to take a course that is well established in the UK and see if in collaboration with colleagues in Sydney, Australia we could run a successful version there. It has shown how using technology such as Skype for the organisation then bringing the faculty together for a “Train the Trainer” day led to a successfully run course that looks as though it will continue into the future. Other colleagues from Australia have expressed an interest in the course being set up in their centres too after seeing the success of this model.

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