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O11 Evaluating the quality and impact of providing live simulation experiences for large cohorts of nursing students
  1. Melanie Humphreys,
  2. S Reynolds
  1. Birmingham City University


To provide each student the opportunity to participate in a small group live simulation that follows recognised standards for simulation-based education (SBE) in healthcare is a challenge for nursing programmes with a large cohort within the United Kingdom (UK) (ASPiH, 2016). This presentation describes one approach used to manage a simulation for 400 nearing final year nursing students and to report on the quality of the experience from the student’s perspective (Campbell & Daley, 2013). To ensure quality was maintained within the large cohort, simulations were planned and evaluated using a guiding framework to benchmark practice (ASPiH, 2016). Aspects of the simulation were assessed against the following indicators: faculty development, technical personnel, activity and resources. Data obtained from an evaluative questionnaire and student focus groups were analysed in the context of the standards for SBE. The following themes emerged from the data: knowing what to expect within a community placement; developing self-efficacy; authenticity and working within a team; and, preparation for community based practice placements. This oral presentation demonstrates it is possible to provide students in large cohorts with active participatory roles in simulations whilst maintaining the standards for SBE and professional practice.


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  2. . Campbell SH, Daley KM. Simulation scenarios for nursing academics: Making it real (2nd ed.) 2013. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

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