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Author response to published editorials on ASPiH standards for simulation-based education
  1. Makani Purva1,
  2. Jane Patricia Nicklin2
  3. ASPiH Standards Accreditation committee
    1. 1 Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Hull, UK
    2. 2 Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, Lichfield, UK
    1. Correspondence to Jane Patricia Nicklin, Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, Lichfield, UK; jane.nicklin{at}

    Statistics from

    We would like to thank the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL), The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) and the Association of Standardised Patient Educators (ASPE) for their supportive and helpful reflections on our standard-setting article.

    Simulation-based education (SBE) is widely acknowledged as a key educational modality that has led to a paradigm shift in healthcare education. Despite its popularity and increasing application, it is still too often used only as a one-off interaction with learners. The use and evaluation of simulation as part of an overarching approach to patient safety has been insufficiently explored. There are few studies linking SBE to clinical outcomes.1 There remains poor capture of data of operational or cost-effectiveness of SBE and we continue to be unclear as to how best to deliver SBE as not all training programmes produce benefit.1 2

    Underlying many of the issues highlighted is a lack of standardisation in the approach to SBE with failure to adopt best practice in design and delivery of SBE programmes.1 It is this challenge that the Association for Simulated Practice3 in Healthcare (ASPiH) took up in 2015, which resulted …

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