TableĀ 2

Patient safety domain classifications derived from WHO and AHRQ taxonomies, with examples of each

Blood productsTransfusion and blood product related error
Medical devices/equipmentDevice failure or misuse resulting in harm
Patient accidents and fallsAvoidable patient accidents
Healthcare-associated infectionIncludes central line and catheter-associated sepsis
MedicationsPrescribing and administration error
PerinatalPerinatal and neonatal care
Pressure ulcersPrevention, detection and treatment
Surgery or anaesthesiaIntraoperative and immediately perioperative (OR) care
Venous thromboembolismPrevention, detection, treatment
Clinical administrationManagement and administrative error resulting in direct harm
Clinical processWard-based or outpatient care
DocumentationMedical documentation
NutritionEnteral and parenteral feeding, nutrition
Oxygen/medical gasPrescribing, delivery
Staff behaviourTeamwork, leadership and communication
Infrastructure/building/fixturesInfrastructure impacting directly on patient care
Resources/managementLocal resources and organisational management
  • AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.