TableĀ 1

Goals and action plan to drive youth innovation

Finding fundingSecuring seed funding to generate a prototype or to perform field testing to generate a business plan
  • Startup incubators

  • Government innovation grants

  • University research prizes

  • Angel investors

Making time for innovationThere is limited time between academic and career pursuits for innovation
  • Book daily time for projects

  • Set small weekly goals for each project

MentorshipFinding and choosing a suitable mentor is essential
  • Meet with professors who teach/research topics of interest

  • Visit local startup events and network with leaders

Building a teamBuilding a leadership team is essential to allow delegation of tasks and to reach milestones
  • Choose people with similar values and different skill sets

  • If working with friends, set work boundaries to avoid damaging relationships

Overcoming failureFailure is an inevitable part of the process. Being prepared to deal with failure is essential
  • Create back-up plans for each milestone

  • Meet regularly with mentors to seek advice on new situations