Table 4

Summary of participant RIPL pre/post-training score analysis for simulation-based TTIPS

RIPL questionnaire item*N (matched)Presession Score†Postsession Score†∆ (post— pre)†p Value‡
Learning with other students will help me become a more effective member of a healthcare team1494.57 (0.54)4.77 (0.43)0.19 (0.55)0.000§
Patients would ultimately benefit if healthcare students worked together to solve patient problems1494.68 (0.48)4.79 (0.42)0.10 (0.49)0.013
Shared learning with other healthcare students will increase my ability to understand clinical problems1484.50 (0.60)4.77 (0.44)0.27 (0.55)0.000§
Learning with other healthcare students before qualification would improve relationships after qualification1494.48 (0.61)4.77 (0.44)0.30 (0.58)0.000§
Communication skills should be learnt with other healthcare students1494.60 (0.54)4.78 (0.45)0.18 (0.53)0.000§
Shared learning will help me think positively about other professionals1484.45 (0.62)4.76 (0.43)0.31 (0.63)0.000§
Teamworking skills are essential for all healthcare students to learn1494.64 (0.51)4.79 (0.41)0.14 (0.49)0.001§
Shared learning will help me to understand my own limitations1494.44 (0.68)4.73 (0.53)0.29 (0.67)0.000§
I do not want to waste my time learning with other healthcare students1491.57 (0.85)1.41 (0.93)−0.16 (0.88)0.027
It is not necessary for undergraduate healthcare students to learn together1491.71 (0.84)1.48 (0.94)−0.23 (0.95)0.004
Clinical problem-solving skills can only be learnt with students from my own department1481.73 (0.90)1.61 (1.07)−0.11 (1.08)0.200
Shared learning with other healthcare students will help me communicate better with patients and other professionals1494.40 (0.67)4.56 (0.86)0.15 (1.02)0.066
I would welcome the opportunity to work on small-group projects with other healthcare students1484.16 (0.86)4.61 (0.75)0.46 (0.80)0.000§
Shared learning will help to clarify the nature of patient problems1494.29 (0.69)4.70 (0.55)0.41 (0.68)0.000§
Shared learning before qualification will help me become a better teamworker1464.43 (0.61)4.73 (0.46)0.29 (0.60)0.000§
The function of nurses and therapists is mainly to provide support for doctors1472.38 (1.13)2.40 (1.40)0.02 (1.38)0.858
I’m not sure what my professional role will be1482.34 (1.09)2.29 (1.24)−0.05 (1.03)0.524
I have to acquire much more knowledge and skills than other healthcare students1493.05 (1.09)2.78 (1.25)−0.27 (1.06)0.002
  • *Scale: 1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neutral, 4=agree, 5=strongly agree.

  • †Mean (SD).

  • ‡Paired two-tailed t-test.

  • §Statistically significant after Bonferroni adjustment.

  • RIPL, Readiness for Interprofessional Learning; TTIPS, Team Training of Inter-Professional Students.