Table 2

Summary of participant peer-rated TAS subscale analysis for simulation-based Team Training of Inter-Professional Students: scenario 1 versus scenario 2

TAS subscalesScenario 1Scenario 2
NMean*SDCronbach’s alphaNMean*SDCronbach’s alphaChange†p Value‡
  • *Mean combined score of third year medical and senior undergraduate nursing students.

  • †Scenario 2—scenario 1.

  • ‡One-way ANOVA.

  • §TBB, Team-Based Behaviors, subscale assessing individual performance (five items; multisource evaluation).

  • **SMM, Shared Mental Model, subscale of overall teamwork (three items).

  • ¶ACR, Adaptive Communication and Response, subscale of overall teamwork (three items).

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; TAS, Teamwork Assessment Scales.