Table 4

Themed responses to how useful students felt the sequential simulation (SqS) format is and how it could be applied in other contexts

  • ‘It is very useful as it is easy to understand, remember and implement the learnings in this format.’

  • ‘Being able to visualise the process in action makes it easier to understand and see how simulations can be applied in other contexts such as public awareness, that is, response to emergency situations or for training purposes and reinvention/improvisation of pathways and processes.’

  • ‘The SqS format is very useful, not only for training staff but also administrative staff who may not be aware of the clinical complexities of different scenarios.’

Public health
  • ‘Public health: I feel the fear factor of watching a live MI would be a very powerful obesity campaign for example. staffing issues.’

  • ‘Health education to general population—preventionfaster reaction.’

Other clinical contexts
  • It is very useful to give orientation about situations that may have severe impact or be likely to happen, for example, code blue fire emergency.’

  • ‘It could be for other types of diseases, like chronic one or even acute (like asthmatic attack).’

  • ‘I think it is a very refreshing way to extend the use of simulation beyond clinical assessment.’

Patient communities and perspectives/public engagement
  • ‘The SqS would be useful for everyone as it provides a general overview of what’s happening behind the scenes.’

  • ‘Is really nice that we can gain contact with clinicians in real field who have experience. Education to public would be possible to apply.’

  • ‘The idea that this could be used as a product to enhance public knowledge is fascinating. This could be filmed and then become available to clinicians and the public.’

Management and optimising pathways
  • ‘It’s pretty useful for developing soft skills and also for bringing the whole healthcare group in sync. Helps in minimising unwanted worries in the chain of command.’

  • ‘I think it was extremely useful for exploring everyone’s view and important for setting direction in consideration of business concepts. It can be applied in most high stress contexts for management of risk and error.’

  • ‘The SqS format could be useful to put things together when we are aiming to integrate processes and intervening not only in clinical context but also in management scenarios.’

  • However, from a management perspective, the SqS enables me to identify areas where the medical services could be improved on, for example, patient family could be informed better and improved customer services.’