Table 2

Quantitative evaluation results (mean, SD)

Students’ evaluations (n=56)
Mean (SD)
Students’ evaluations of SqS for learning and enhancing understanding of UK healthcare systems, clinical pathways and cardiac pathways
 The SqS was useful for my learning of UK healthcare systems4.63 (0.62)
 The SqS was useful for my learning of UK clinical pathways generally4.50 (0.71)
 The SqS was useful for my learning of UK cardiac pathway4.52 (0.69)
 The case study presented in today’s SqS enhanced my understanding of UK cardiac pathways4.57 (0.68)
 The SqS approach helped me to visualise how the cardiac pathway might look in practice4.71 (0.53)
 From today’s SqS I believe my knowledge of the cardiac pathway has improved4.41 (0.83)
Students’ evaluations of SqS for highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and identification of problems and potential solutions
 The SqS successfully highlighted strengths and weaknesses in the cardiac pathway4.27 (0.73)
 The SqS enabled me to identify problems in the cardiac pathway4.23 (0.81)
 The SqS enabled me to identify potential solutions to improve the cardiac pathway4.23 (0.79)
Students’ evaluations of SqS as an aid for discussion in the subsequent workshop and group discussions
The SqS allowed me to feel confident in my ability to address issues in the subsequent work of the workshop4.12 (0.85)
The SqS helped me to get my points across in the subsequent workshop4.39 (0.71)
Students’ evaluations of SqS as a teaching tool
 The SqS and workshop facilitated my thinking of the wider implications for healthcare management systems4.71 (0.50)
 The SqS and workshop enhanced my understanding of management in applied healthcare contexts4.40 (0.81)
 Overall, I feel that the SqS is a useful approach for learning about healthcare systems4.73 (0.52)
 The SqS and workshop today will better prepare me for understanding healthcare systems generally4.43 (0.81)
 The teaching module today was more useful than attending a didactic lecture4.57 (0.63)
 The SqS approach is an appropriate teaching tool for this module4.70 (0.54)
 I intend to reflect on the themes of today’s SqS and implement them in my future studies4.64 (0.55)
  • Five-point Likert rating scale: 1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree.