Table 1

Standards on psychological safety

ASPiH standard 10ASPE domain 4INACSL professional integrity
Psychological safety of the learner is considered and appropriately supported.4.5.4 Establish policies and procedures for the psychological, physical and environmental safety of SPs, learners, staff and faculty.Clearly communicate the attributes of professional integrity and the importance of confidentiality.
  • Support active learning, reflection and deliberate repetitive practice.

  • Provide clear communication and honest feedback in an effective, respectful manner.

  • Maintain professional boundaries to minimise fear or negative consequences to professional role/status and personal relationships (ie, colleague to colleague, peer to peer, teacher to student, or friend to friend).

  • ASPE, Association of Standardized Patient Educators; ASPiH, Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare; INACSL, International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning.