Table 2

Feedback on theme 1: faculty

Collated responses from Pilot sites and online free-text commentsOutcome
Theme 1:
1.1 Faculty development
8 Standards
Differing interpretation of ‘best practice standards in education’. Most agreed with the principle but felt not specific enough to be achievable.
Concerns noted on the recurrent use of the word ‘must’ in the draft document and its appropriateness
Comments on faculty linking pertinent elements of the simulation to the learning objectives
SP standard duplication
Consensus on the importance of evaluation and continuing professional development of faculty
The statement was removed as a standard.
All the standards in the 2016 document were changed to statements that describe what an educator or an institution meeting the standards should do, rather than dictating what they must do.
Despite the risk of excluding points raised by participants, importance of ensuring that predefined learning objectives were met resulted in these standards being retained.
Duplication was removed and a statement in the guidance section added, ‘Simulated patient involvement…with the same considerations as other faculty.’
Retained as standards for the final document
Theme 1: facultyAdditional standards relevant to debriefing
5 Standards
Comments on whether it was necessary to have ‘additional standards’ relevant to debriefing
Despite evidence of an accepted norm in debriefing (to aim for duration of 2:1) following simulation, feedback suggested this was inflexible and too difficult to evidence to be a standard.
Immediate postcourse debriefing for faculty considered important but other comments pointed out its inflexibility and potential inappropriateness as a standard.
Lack of consistency in terminology
The debriefing standard was merged into the wider faculty section.
Statement moved to guidance section
Statement moved to guidance section
The terminology used throughout the standards and guidance was revised and the glossary section expanded.
Theme 1: faculty1.2 Technological support personnelNeed for specific standards relating to this groupTechnological support personnel separated from faculty to create a new theme 2: technical personnel
  • SP, simulated patient.