PapersOikawa et al 32 Reed28 Savoldelli et al 21 Smith-Jentsch et al 25 Van Heukelom et al 27 West et al 47 Wetzel et al 48 Zinns et al (2017)28
Question/objective sufficiently described?21222011
Study design evident and appropriate?22222112
Method of subject/comparison group selection or source of information/input variables described and appropriate?11222011
Subject (and comparison group, if applicable) characteristics sufficiently described?00211010
If interventional and random allocation was possible, was it described?122120N/AN/A
If interventional and blinding of investigators was possible, was it reported?N/AN/A210N/AN/A2
If interventional and blinding of subjects was possible, was it reported?2200N/AN/AN/AN/A
Outcome and (if applicable) exposure measure(s) well defined and robust to measurement/misclassification bias?22222112
Sample size appropriate?11212111
Analytic methods described/justified and appropriate?22222112
Some estimate of variance is reported for the main results?22222N/A02
Controlled for confounding?11211N/AN/AN/A
Results reported in sufficient detail?22222011
Conclusions supported by the results?22221111
Summary score0.770.770.930.750.810.250.450.68