PapersHull et al 17 Kable et al 44 Kim et al 19 Kolbe et al 18 Kuiper et al 45 Lammers et al 15 LeFlore and Anderson23 Morrison and Catanzaro46
Question/objective sufficiently described?21221221
Study design evident and appropriate?21221221
Method of subject/comparison group selection or source of information/input variables described and appropriate?11111211
Subject (and comparison group, if applicable) characteristics sufficiently described?00221220
If interventional and random allocation was possible, was it described?N/AN/A2N/AN/AN/A11
If interventional and blinding of investigators was possible, was it reported?N/AN/A2N/AN/AN/A2N/A
If interventional and blinding of subjects was possible, was it reported?N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Outcome and (if applicable) exposure measure(s) well defined and robust to measurement/misclassification bias?21221221
Sample size appropriate?21111211
Analytic methods described/justified and appropriate?22212221
Some estimate of variance is reported for the main results?1222022N/A
Controlled for confounding?N/A021111N/A
Results reported in sufficient detail?22221121
Conclusions supported by the results?21221221
Summary score0.800.550.920.820.500.910.850.45