Table 5

Framework matrix for theme 3

ThemeRepresentative quotations
3. ‘SBE provides coping strategies for dealing with on-call-related stress’.“I think it’s quite a strong feeling as well it like it (HFS) brings out quite a few emotions, mainly anxiety but it helps (when you’re on-call) to think remember what you learnt in the sim centre”. (Participant 3)
“I think you learn a lot about yourself and how you manage stressful environments”. (Participant 2)
“My heart drops but I know how to cope with it rather than thinking oh my god” (in reference to receiving a phone call while on-call) (Participant 5)
“And just being more structured you know like being taught ways in the reflection but about how to actually manage it” (on-call scenarios and stress) (Participant 1)
“It’s those skills you can carry over perhaps not physio specific but dealing with stress” (Participant 3)