Table 2

Observed facilitator interventions immediately before the debriefings moved into the Explanation phase, number of occurrences and descriptions of the interventions

Facilitator interventionOccurrenceDescription
Asks about opinions5The facilitator asks for participants’ opinions about events or behaviours in the simulations or to suggestions made by individual participants (‘Do you think it [the ventilation] was [done] too fast?’).
Asks for a rationale3The facilitator asks for reason underlying the problem or explanations as to why a problem occurred (‘Why do you have difficulties discovering that there is another person in the room, Donald?’).
Clarifies the problem2The facilitator clarifies a problem by summarising it or reminding the participants about it (‘you switch places … but at that point you haven’t secured the ventilation… if you change the position of the head then you may not have a free airway…’).