Table 2

Descriptions and examples of Fey’s simplified speech acts14

CategoryCodeSpeech actExamples
Assertive actsRQINRequest for information How old is the patient?
RQACRequest for action Shut the door, please
RQATRequest for attention Ok team!
RQCLRequest for clarification Say that again?
ASSTStatement (observable) That’s 20 mL of formula
ASCOComment (not observable) I was nervous
ASDADenial (of the previous utterance) No, that’s just the volume of milk
Responsive actsPerfPerformativeReading aloud, stating rules
RSINAppropriate response to RQIN It says he’s 22 years old
RSACAppropriate response to RQAC Ok
RSATAppropriate response to RQAT Yes?
RSCLAppropriate response to RQCL The red one
RSASAppropriate response to Assertive act (no new information) Oh yeah
IMIImitation of the previous speaker