Table 4

IPE framework with illustrative examples19

Illustrative examples either elicited by the educator and/or created between the students
Interprofessional collaboration (I)Students established collaborative relationships, shared information and integrated information from students from different professional groups
Client and family centred care (C)Students shared information with the family
Students involved client/family in decision-making
Roles and responsibilities (R)Students demonstrated a thorough understanding of their own role and responsibilities with the team/client/family
Students demonstrated a thorough understanding of their own scope of practice and that of other professional groups
Clinical procedural tasks (P)All reasonable clinical tasks were identified
Clinical reasoning (CR)Students demonstrated clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice
Example of a conversation regarding roles and responsibilities (R)
Act NoSpeakerTranscriptionIRFSpeech act
c.1.1.6E What do you think your role is? What is the role of dietitian in this case? IRQIN
7S1 To assist with his feeding? RRSIN
8E In what way? IRQIN
9S1 To make sure he’s getting enough nutrition RRSIN
10E Perfect, is he getting enough nutrition. FRSAS
11E What’s the role of the speech therapist? IRQIN
12S2 To support mum…. RRSIN
13S2 To make sure it’s safe for him to swallow RASCO
14E To make sure it’s safe for him to swallow. FIMI
15E Yeah. Perfect. FASCO
Example of a conversation demonstrating interprofessional collaboration (I) and clinical reasoning (CR)
a.3.1.476S1 That’s just throughout the day as well. ASST
477S1 So for most of the day, he’s drowsy yip. (9 s) ASST
478S2 You know we can’t get much information out of him because his level of consciousness is low, ASST
479S2 can we talk to the wife about or the wife or the nurse? RQIN
480S1 It says his wife has gone home. RSIN
481S3 So we can talk to the nurse ASCO
  • IPE, interprofessional education.