Table 6

Illustrative examples of dialogue where students were exposed to affective questioning

ScenarioAct noEducator/student turnTranscript
Child 2, phase III366E So how did that go?
367S I feel my mind just went blank. I thought it went terribly.
368E Went terribly?
369E Why do you think it was terrible?
370S Cause I was like what do I say? It was like we forgot everything we’ve talked about.
371E ok. (pause) You’ve said quite a few things we’ve talked about, so you did quite alright. OK so it’s always good to practice…
Child 2, phase VI446E So how was that? How did that go?
447S1 I found that disjointed when you [the other student] were doing it separately. I suppose that’s realistic. Because you have to focus on what you’re doing especially when you’re working on the baby, then I couldn’t hear a word.
448E Yeah right.
449S1 I found that, what about you Sally?
450S2 I didn’t look at you at all. We were doing two separate things and by the time we were finished I had no idea what you had been saying. I was thinking ‘is it alright if I do it while [you’re] talking to the mum, would I disturb her looking at the kid when she’s assessing?’
451S1 She was quite relaxed.
452E Yeah she was quite relaxed.
Child 2, phase IV397E So what was that like? Ummm?
398S She’s expressing.
399E She’s expressing?
400E (3 s pause) How’s that going?
  • Affective questions are highlighted in bold.