Table 2

Excerpt of transcript from a simulation in the OOH-GP service. The clinical actions are clearly marked in the transcripts

Line numberActivity
57Nurse 1 approaches the patient and informs them that they are to receive morphine 5 mg.
58The physician looks at Nurse 1, who injects the morphine.
Clinical action 1 5 mg of morphine is given intravenous
59Nurse 2 says, ‘Should I turn on some oxygen?’
60The physician answers, ‘and so some oxygen yes’.
61Nurse 2: ‘How much will you give him then?’
62The physician: ‘Why don’t we try a couple of litres first, then we can see.’
63Nurse 2 gives 2 litres of oxygen
64on a double oxygen catheter.
Clinical action 2 Two litres of oxygen are given on a double oxygen catheter.
  • OOH-GP, out-of-hours general practice.