Table 1

Description of the introduction, in which all the teams participated before the in-situ simulations. The introduction lasted 2 hours

DurationLearning goalsActivity
20 minFamiliarity with the patient simulator (SimMan3G).Presentation of and interaction with the simulator manikin and the functions relevant for ABCDE observation.
20 minUnderstanding of the ABCDE approach for systematic clinical observation.Lecture on how to observe a patient systematically using the ABCDE approach. Written handouts including an overview of the ABCDE method were provided.
20 minKnowledge about simulation as a method.Lecture on simulation with presentation of the phases—briefing, simulation and debriefing—explaining the method and purpose of each phase.
60 minExperience in performing in-situ simulation.Conducting a simulation with briefing, simulation and debriefing phases. The clinical case involved heart failure and participants were instructed to focus on the ABCDE approach.
  • ABCDE, Airways, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Environment/Exposure.