Table 2

Further education or training in health or simulation-based training by clinical background

Educators’ clinical background
Type of educationAllied healthNurse/midwifeMedicineParamedicineTotal
n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)Embedded Image ( φ )
Postgraduate in education2(9)43(35)**12(20)1(8)58(27)p=0.013(0.223)‡
Postgraduate in simulation0(0)22(18)**3(5)1(7)26(12)p=0.006(0.211)‡
Short simulation course14(67)103(83)46(78)8(62)171(79)p=0.164
On the job training19(91)100(81)51(86)13(100)183(84)p=0.089
  • †Simulation Educator certification awarded by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

  • φ effect size weak <0.2, moderate=0.2–0.3, strong >0.3.

  • α significant at *0.05, **0.01, ***0.001.

  • Likelihood ratio reported when x2 assumptions violated.

  • Some respondents had more than one qualification.