Table 1

Equipment required for simulation training

Equipment categoriesEquipment required
Plan A airway equipmentEndotracheal tube with subglottic port
Tube tie
Macintosh 3 and 4 direct laryngoscope
20 mL syringe (cuff inflation)
Yankauer suction i-view video laryngoscope
Airtraq video laryngoscope with attachable monitor
Front of neck access kit: size 10 scalpel, size 6 endotracheal tube
Plan B airway equipmentI-gel
Ambu aScope (slim)
Aintree intubation catheter
Additional equipment2× heat moisture exchange filter
Tube clamp
In-line suction catheter
Anaesthetic machine/ventilator
Monitoring including 3-lead ECG, oxygen saturations probe, non-invasive blood pressure
Personal protective equipmentFFP3 facemask
Long-sleeved gown
Simulation-specific equipmentManikin with intubatable larynx
Manikin to practise front of neck access