Table 3

Phase 2 scenario with objectives

SbCST scenarioObjectives
A 14-month-old toddler (girl) who presents with fever and cough. Vital signs reveal a febrile but haemodynamically stable child. Examination is non-focal and therefore this patient is considered to have fever without a localising source.Observers identify potential LSTs that are encountered when a patient
  • presents to MPERT for evaluation and treatment

  • undergoes quick registration

  • process through initial triage

  • is placed in the MPERT waiting room

  • is moved to a patient care space

  • requires medication administration

  • requires a urinary catheterisation

  • requires point-of-care testing

  • is moved to the sub-waiting area to wait for results

  • undergoes full hospital registration

  • requires a discharge prescription

  • is counselled and discharged from the MPERT

  • LSTs, latent safety threats; MPERT, mobile paediatric emergency response team.

  • Patient scenarios are not from an actual patient. Any resemblance to a real person, living or deceased, will be a coincidence.