Table 1

Supply list

SystemRequired supplies
  • Various sizes of ETT and TT

  • Various sizes of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways

  • Oxygen devices: nasal cannula, masks (simple face rebreathing, non-rebreathing, venturi)

  • Tracheostomy care kit

  • Chest tube, drainage chamber

  • Disposable stethoscope

  • Central line, arterial line, pressure monitor tubing and transducer, pressure cable, pressure module

  • Anti-microbial dressing for arterial and central lines

  • DVT prevention kit

  • Urinary catheter, urometer catheter holder

  • NGT and holder

  • BIS monitoring kit

Patient Care
  • Oral care kit

  • Eye care kit

  • BIS, bi spectral Index; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; ETT, endo tracheal tube; NGT, naso gastric tube; TT, tracheostomy tube.